Natural Hair vs. Fake or Borrowed Hair

I lost my hair all of it, not by choice, by chemo. As a 7 year cancer free survivor I had many treatments and procedures and surgeries during my Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stage 3 journey that began with my 2012 diagnosis.

Before that time I wore hot sweaty wigs, itchy weaves, tight extension braids and quick weaves, all brain damaging. Not to mention skin and natural hair burning perms to straighten my hair, carcinogenic burning color treatments and sometimes tight braided hair styles, all of which became obsolete and were so annoying to continue the process over and over again.


I finally had a wake up call with the chemo, never cried a tear and I called this condition of beauty hacking new words I created in my book, not the beauticians hand book, i call it weave-itis and wig-itis. I could no longer stand the feeling of something on top of my head blocking off the air circulation, itching my scalp and the heat permeating out of my body through my head blocked by someone’s hair not really mine even though my stupidity bought it. It was like I was not real, a recreated human half real half fake like a frankenstein monster, part of someone i did not even know was connected to my natural self. Very weird.

I now feel free in my new normal way of ever loving life and love how wonderful I feel wearing my own natural hair anyway I can wear it. I no longer desire to be fake in many ways because when I did I had to keep up an impression that was sometimes costly, difficult to fake it and time consuming to keep up with such a beauty facade catastrophe.

Just the thought of trying to be more beautiful was deceiving at best and I refuse to this day to continue living the lie of changing my real self for the love of man. I was not being my real self to wear fake hair and that really bothered me psychologically. I am glad it is really over.

I always wanted to be more beautiful but my comfort zone and reality of it all begged to differ. I know that it felt unhealthy and my scalp and brain knew the difference. So now I am free and fresh and healthier like I should be. I believe I can think better and had more time on my hands.

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Let’s learn and try something new.

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You can change from fake to real and you will be happier when you do.

Wear hair, wear natural in the hot weather can your scalp breathe? Sweating to be cute in the heat? Oh but it can keep your head warm in the cold.


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What People Say

I like to change my hairstyle to be in style so I wear stripper hair down my back. It is expensive.

I heard fake nails cause cancer because the chemicals used are harmful to the body. See Report on Carcinogens.


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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